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Your talent defines you.

Finding and attracting talent is harder than ever. Hyremaster provides a superior hiring experience to candidates, recruiters and business owners to help attract the best talent.
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Over the last year, we’ve partnered with industry-leaders, scrappy startups, and in-betweeners.

A Meaningful Impact

We love working with brands that care about their talent

Stay on top of your talent pipeline

Make sure you engage candidates in your talent pipeline.

Showcase your culture, not just the CTC

You are proud of your culture and want to showcase it to the world.

Promote candidate to business communication

Easy AI driven and human-led communication between hiring managers and candidates.
A Personal Touch

Hyremaster brings your talent pipeline to life.

It is time to get the dust off those old resumes in your database. The hidden gems are right there. 85% of recruiters do not revisit their old resume database, and prefer to look for new ones.
“I was able to source and close openings faster as these candidates have already engaged with our brand before and are more likely to join now in the future.”
-Sneha, Recruiter

We're big fans of keeping it simple

…so, here’s what you’ve gotta do

Less data entry, more candidate engagement

Source more candidates, and manage your talent pool better using AI.

Automate & personalise

Automate tasks like interview scheduling, follow ups, and personalise candidate experience.


Evaluate measurable outcomes and create actionable steps for change.


Don’t trust just us, trust our customers and partners.
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“From no process to a standard process in a matter of days. We have much better time-to-fill now! ”
“Hyremaster’s in-depth automation and personalization options helped us streamline our entire recruitment process.”
Farooq Ahmed
“We’ve managed to drop our time to hire scores by more than 40%!”
Harish P
Senior HR
“ We were able to rope in top talents thanks to the exposure our brand gets through Hyremaster”
Rejy Matthew
Talent Acquisition Specialist
PQR Award Winner 2021

Ochre Electric brought their clean energy to a remote region of the Higher Himalayas and changed the lives of over 1000 school-going children in 3 districts.

With their 'Powering Schools' initiative, Ochre Electric is dedicated to building a sustainable and secure future for children around the world.
About Our Company

Why do I need Hyremaster?

Modern hiring experience

Reduce time spent on data entry

Auto schedule interviews

Streamline and centralize your hiring process

Greater exposure for your brand

How much does Hyremaster cost?

Absolutely nothing! For the select first 100 customers we are giving Hyremaster away for free. For the rest, we will be updating you with the pricing details. Click here to become a founder customer.

How long will it take to integrate Hyremaster into my hiring workflow?

Once you sign up, we’ll contact you and set up Hyremaster in well under a day.